The new year ushers in a new decade. The world continues to turn and today’s traveler does not stand still either. The wishes, behavior and expectations of travelers change accordingly., the world’s leading travel and technology company, has unveiled what will be big in travel in 2020. Future travel behavior will be shaped by new technologies, a growing sense of responsibility, and a deeper connection with the people and places they visit. uses surveys of more than 22,000 travelers from 29 markets and over 180 million verified guest reviews to provide insights into tomorrow’s travel trends and anticipates to identify trends in travel next year – and beyond. 

1.       The rise of the ‘second city’ traveler

Explore lesser known destinations and places to reduce over-tourism, protect the environment and reach a sustainable tourism development, but also the demand for greener travel will continue to grow and take a leap forward in the coming years.

2.       Tech-spect the unexpected

The confidence in technology will grow. Therefore the confidence in the use of technology during the travel decision-making process will continue to grow as well. Inspiration, help with booking or finding your way around – travelers expect a wide range of support and the coming year will see inventive tech inspiring and enabling travelers to overcome the tech-hurdle with ease.

3.       Slo-Mo is the new #FOMO

Instead of experiencing the constant fear of missing out (FOMO) and trying to speed through as much as possible, travelers in 2020 will be all about taking it slow – not only for the environment, but also to see more and relax better.

4.       Discovering the all-amusive escape

On the other hand, our fast-paced world means that many of us lack time – a notion that does not stop with vacations. To be time-efficient for many travelers, the perfect travel destination offers numerous possibilities and allows various activities to be combined.

 5.       Pets in the priority lane

With over 50% of the global pet owners affirming that their pets are as important to them as children, ‘pet friendliness’ will play a big role on vacations, for accommodations in particular. Pet-tailored offerings and amenities, such as complementary dog day beds, pet spas, dedicated room service menus and even specially designed pet restaurants. We’ll see travelers putting the needs of their beloved pets well before their own when it comes to selecting where to go, where to stay and what to do.

6.       Making great memories with ‘grand’ getaways

Holidays with just the grandparents will become increasingly popular in 2020. This keeps grandma and grandpa fit and at the same time provides alone time for the parents. Paired with the fact that the older generation today is healthier and more active, ‘grand’ vacations would need to / will offer an array of activities and soft adventure experiences for both generations.

 7.       Race to the reservation

Culinary ambitions will play a bigger role at the forefront of making travel decisions. Whether successful reservation in a popular restaurant with months of waiting list or absolute insider tip. For many, special culinary experiences and the enjoyment of regional products influence their travel planning.

 8.       Fast track to long-term travel

Even the younger generations are already planning their retirement – and the associated travel. 2020 will see travelers shift their mindset and start to plan big for their future golden years, with nearly two thirds of global travelers seeing travel as the perfect way to spend that free time in retirement and explore the world. More trips and longer trips, a few months or even a gap year, will play an increasing role then.

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