Founded in 1958 in Athens, SIVA Travel Services is one of the leading Incoming Agencies in Greece. Thanks to its high quality standards and continuous top level performance of its experienced team, Siva Travel enjoys sustainable growth and outstanding reputation. Being well respected in all of Greece´s 13 regions, Siva Travel has an exceptional network of highly qualified travel professionals, tour experts and local guides. Authentic experiences including bee keeping in Delphi and meals at locals´ homes in Athens or Olympia are just a few examples of how Siva Travel creates extraordinary memories for both groups and individual travelers that are looking to explore Greece in an exclusive and customized way – on and off the beaten path.

Since 2020 GIA is pleased to represent Siva Travel as one of its first Europe based DMC clients.

Andreas Niehörster

Fon: +49 (0)221-4767 1210

Gary Carlson

Fon: +49 (0)221-4767 1227