ItalyScape (ISC) is a Torino-based DMC that creates in-depth journeys through the vast array of Italy´s heritage, culture and natural beauty. The young yet well experienced team at ISC creates authentic, intense and inspiring travel experiences. Their programs can be thematic in nature, are always mind-broadening and include completely unique services and venues, often unavailable otherwise on the market.

Because of its high quality service and unique luxury products, ISC has become one of the most internationally renowned and respected Italian DMCs for both group and individual FIT products  Each quote and travel experience is individually tailored, based upon the clients´ background, tastes and experiential expectations.

Since 2020 GIA is pleased to represent ISC as its first Europe based DMC client.

Andreas Niehörster

Fon: +49 (0)221-4767 1210

Gary Carlson

Fon: +49 (0)221-4767 1227