Albert Jennings
Managing Director

Phone: +49 (0)221-4767 1216
E-Mail: albert[at]

A native of Austin, Texas, Albert was an Urban Studies major at the University of Pennsylvania with a concentration in Macro-Economic Planning and a minor in German. He moved to Germany in 1988, and after several years of market research and translation work discovered the travel industry. Albert founded GIA in 1999 based on his strong industry contacts and has steadily grown the company since then. As Managing Director Albert oversees strategic and budgetary planning for all clients, executes research and ROI projects and strives to establish a healthy work-life balance for his staff.

Outside of the office Albert enjoys biking through the countryside, discovering quaint little towns along the way. In Cologne he frequently spends the evenings on his grand piano with his penchant for late romantic Russian and baroque classical music.


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