GIA has its own tailor-made agency fulfillment system.

Despite the comet-like explosion of mobile devices, e-Books and almost universal internet access, there is still a strong demand in the German-speaking markets for printed materials. Because of this, we work with our clients and their partner publishing companies on the creation of attractive and interesting German language material.

As an agency we have our own tailor-made agency fulfilment system with hook-ups to both databases and mailing house. Regardless how we receive requests – by phone, by email, via online travel agent order systems, through our website, at consumer shows, even by traditional mail – we capture each request for both tailor-made responses and for statistical reporting and billing.

Furthermore, we create attractive pdf documents for popular themes in our destinations for easy and immediate email response. Asset management and content distribution along all channels – that is GIA – getting the message across and getting people to travel.

Mailing House Fulfillment Clients